Wow! We've been so overwhelmed and grateful for all of the amazing feedback and support since launching A Company of Seers Australia back in January 2016! Our vision to train prophetic people and connect with internationally renowned Prophets and prophetic ministries is unfolding. This vision has been a desire of mine for over 2 decades, since my early days with School of the Prophets (Redcliffe) in the '90's.

For 2017 we are excited to pursue more prophetic training and events. We have the support and generosity of a number of pastors who are working with us to deliver local training and equipping in the nation. Check our Prophetic Training & Events page regularly for more details as events are continuing to be finalised as the year unfolds.

There are many expressions of the prophetic in this nation that we celebrate and rejoice in. The diversity of God's church is amazing and His wisdom is displayed in His manifold grace (Ephesians 3:10). 

We hope to see you at one of our events, schools or conferences this year. Believing 2017 sees all of us move forward through new doors of opportunity and destiny.

It's wonderful to have the covering and full support of my Senior Pastor Paul (Skip) & Leah Smith of Worship Centre, which has been my home for many years. I also praise God for my relationship with Apostle Royree Jensen, head of H.I.M. Australia Apostolic Network. I believe kingdom alignment with Royree has been crucial in releasing, equipping and resourcing A Company of Seers Australia. One of the greatest joys in my life has been to receive revelation, encouragement, direction and great advice from Apostle Clark & Anne Taylor. He is an Apostolic General to Australia and internationally recognised for his amazing ministry of Faith and Power of the Holy Spirit. What a blessing to have such mentors around my life!


Faylene Sparkes